If you speak to someone that lives (or has ever lived) in a rented home then they will tell you that there are both advantages and disadvantages. Renting a place to live isn’t for everyone, so it is something that you need to think about before you decide if that is what you want to do.

One of the best things about renting your home is that you aren’t in charge of maintenance or repairs. So no trying to hunt out home AC repair in Austin or trying to find a plumber in New York in the middle of the night. However, the downfall is that you often don’t have much say over the decor of a property – especially if you are renting for short term.


En Suite Essentials You Can’t Afford To Ignore

You know when you have made it in life. It is the day you can look your peers in the eye and declare that you have an en suite. Nothing comes close to that moment except, perhaps, the day your conservatory is complete.

The ensuite is a strange room. It is a bathroom, but you often can’t fit a full-size suite in there. It can be an attractive space nonetheless if you have a keen eye for interior design.

If you have a massive walk-in wardrobe that you would like to convert into a personal bathroom, we have some essential tips for you. They will help you to create a magnificent space of which you can be proud.


Designed by Silvio Salon, The Orchidea collection of furniture for living room looks quite surrealistic because of making from traditional furniture with modern style.

The combination between design and technological innovations make the collection able to satisfy those who like to mix in the house great quality objects of various styles. With the set of useful furniture for living room like: tables, chairs, cupboards, desks, bookcases, mirrors, TV stands, armchair and others items come in variety of form and sizes so Orchidea would be definitely interesting for those who search for new paths in decorating their home.



Many people want to have fishes in their home, the easy way is place an aquarium. Having a fish aquarium can add up to the elite decoration in your home.

Besides decoration, placing an aquarium also enhance your wealth and fortune. Round, hexagonal, cylindrical, rectangular shapes are suitable for an aquarium. To help you easily choose an aquarium, we would like to you show you some rooms with stunning and adorable aquariums.



Strange and amazing style by Gemelli Design Studio is reminiscent of the cubism art movement pioneered by Pablo Picasso. With quirky and cool colors abstract lines, designers presents the room form multiple view point and make a mockery of perspective.

There is no doubt that this would entertain the eye for a time, but the question is could you live in a place like this on a permanent basis. If you think this level of zaniness would drive you slowly crazy, or the topsy-turvy feeling might leave you feeling a little design drunk-like the set of a big brother house-you might still appreciate these as a fun place to spend a weekend, the unique look is definitely a refreshing change from the usual safe neutral palette and plain walls.


It is so great to own a glamorous bedroom – the place you relax and sleep every day. Once you come to the one of below brilliant bedrooms, we bet that you can get out of all daily worries and stress.

We are pleasure to bring you 10 brilliant bedrooms (collected from many sources) which are really interested and impressive when you look at. Due to its fantastic interior designs, these brilliant bedrooms will offer you an ideal area to retreat yourself. 


If you have small space for bathroom and worry how to decorate with cool elegant style, you should find the way to save space as much as possible. And here are some tips for you.

Firstly, a shower cabin is the best choice for a small bathroom – it would save lots of space and looks amazing. Secondly, clever storage is the key to success, so choose a vanity with drawers of some comfy open shelves as they don’t look heavy, and a radiator is a good place for hanging towels. Look at the inspiring ideas below and select some designs for yourself!



Scandinavian decor style is calm, peaceful and rather relaxing, so this style isideal for bathroom décor because a bathroom is a place where we are looking for some rest after along day– having a bath or a hot shower.


We’ve gathered a whole bunch of beautiful Scandinavian bathrooms,minimalist, elegant, stylish and with natural touches. The traditional color scheme is black and white of course but grey, navy and some colorful touches are also present. What many people love about these Nordic spaces is lots of natural wood or stone – that brings a warm feel – and green plants that really turn your bathroom into a home spa. Enjoy the pictures below and get inspired!

26 modern and stunning bathroom

Bathroom is one of the most spaces that we use every day, so the importance of bathroom is far more than we think.From bright and cheery to sophisticated and imposing, modern bathrooms have long gone beyond the limit of space.

Creative solutions for bathroom have changed and developed following the way we look at spaces while the endless design possibilities for spa-like environments have surpassed our wildest dreams. After taking a tour through some beautiful and relaxing bathroom design ideas, we are pleasure to serve you some design ideas to a modern bathroom.