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Give The Gift Of Space With Mini Self...

Give The Gift Of Space With Mini Self Storage

Do you know someone who never has enough space? You probably do. It could be a neighbour, friend, or family member whose house is overtaken by stuff. Perhaps it’s your...

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En Suite Essentials You Can't Afford To Ignore

En Suite Essentials You Can't Afford To Ignore

You know when you have made it in life. It is the day you can look your peers in the eye and declare that you have an en suite. Nothing...

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Give The Gift Of Space With Mini Self...

Give The Gift Of Space With Mini Self Storage

Do you know someone who never has enough space? You probably do. It could be a neighbour, friend, or family member whose house is overtaken by...

Are These Things Making Your Home Unattractive?

Most of us are quite house proud. But sometimes when you’ve lived in your home for a few years, you don’t seem to notice areas that look less than attractive. Plenty of things wear, tear and look tired after a while. It’s easy not to notice, or not to care too much about them. But this could be a problem if you decide to sell your home for the best price possible.

That all important kerb appeal can be lost if you let your home exterior become untidy. Simple things, like the visibility of your waste bins, can cause your home to appear less attractive. Cracks in the render or peeling paint is also unattractive to passers by. One of the most common problems we ignore is dirty windows. If you don’t have a regular window cleaner, now could be the time to get one. See what a difference it can make to the view!


Garage doors can easily become dented or damaged. And they are the one door we rarely clean. Dirt and residue can easily accumulate here. If your garage door is past salvage or repair, you may need to consider choosing a garage door that can bring the beauty back to your property. It’s important that it appears sturdy and secure to deter burglars from attempting to enter your home too.

Keeping the lawns weed free and the shrubs trimmed back can feel like a full-time job. And when the weather is bad, it can be very difficult to keep planting in check. It may be easier and more attractive to install a maintenance free shale or paving to the area. Attractive and colorful planting can be kept in pots that are easy to keep tidy.


Inside the home, we can get used to things being a certain way. But visitors may think it looks unattractive or untidy. It’s difficult to notice that things have changed when we live with them everyday. A checklist can help you identify areas that are ready for a refresh. Look at the walls for scuff marks or peeling paint. Perhaps the skirting boards have become dusty in places. The bathroom has many nooks and crannies that can become neglected too. A checklist will help you keep on top of it.

Keeping on trend is also important to many of us. Sometimes we struggle to keep up with what is fashionable. It can be a good idea to subscribe to websites and magazines that provide details of the latest ideas and designs. This helps you make positive choices about your decor, and it keeps you informed about what people are looking for in their homes today.

Many things in the home are quick and easy to clean, tidy or change. Yet it is very common for them to become oversights due to our busy lives. Sometimes we just can’t see what is right under our noses! Keep an eye out for dusty corners, scuffs on the walls, and untidy frontage from time to time. Perhaps all that’s needed is a quick tidy up. Take care of your home today.

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