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Give The Gift Of Space With Mini Self...

Give The Gift Of Space With Mini Self Storage

Do you know someone who never has enough space? You probably do. It could be a neighbour, friend, or family member whose house is overtaken by stuff. Perhaps it’s your...

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En Suite Essentials You Can't Afford To Ignore

En Suite Essentials You Can't Afford To Ignore

You know when you have made it in life. It is the day you can look your peers in the eye and declare that you have an en suite. Nothing...

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Give The Gift Of Space With Mini Self...

Give The Gift Of Space With Mini Self Storage

Do you know someone who never has enough space? You probably do. It could be a neighbour, friend, or family member whose house is overtaken by...

Give Your Home an Overhaul with This Complete Guide

Redecorating a room in your house is always exciting, but sometimes it's not enough. If you look at your home, and you don't like any of it, perhaps you need a complete overhaul.

You can start all over again and change anything you want. It could take you a long time to rework your entire home, but all the effort and money you put in could be worth it. Perhaps you've just moved into a new property, or maybe you're bored of your past choices. Whatever your reasons for a redesign, you need to plan carefully. Start by working out a budget and then follow these steps.

Get Rid of Old Things

Before you can bring in the new, you have to make sure it's out with the old. Getting rid of anything you no longer want is your first step to a new home. You might have piles of junk, or you could have items that you just don't like anymore. If it's too much effort to sort everything yourself, your first call should be to a house clearance firm. They can come and take away anything you don't want to keep. Of course, there are other ways you can get rid of things you don't want. You could sell them, in whichever way you want to, or you can donate them to charity. Ask your friends if they would like anything before you get rid of it too.


Plan for Extensions

If you're giving your home a makeover, you need to start with the larger projects. One of the things you might hope to do is build an extension. If you have some space at the front, back or side of your home, you could extend a room or add a new one. Perhaps you even want to build above the garage or maybe add a conservatory. If you're thinking about these things, you may need permission before you start building. Start planning for an extension as soon as you can so that you can get organized. You'll need plans, contractors and time and money to get it done.

Work on Conversions

You might also want to consider a conversion. Perhaps you wish to turn your basement into a games room or your garage into a bedroom. These tasks can take a while, especially if you're starting with a space that's not liveable. You might need to put in plumbing, insulation, and even electricity. If you're planning on a conversion, you might do some of it yourself. But you'll probably need a contractor to do at least some of the work. Find out what it's going to take to turn the space into what you desire so you can get what you want.

Replace the Kitchen

It's not difficult to redecorate in the living room or bedrooms. But in the kitchen, you have the units and large appliances to contend with. If you want to give your kitchen a makeover, you might decide to take it all out and start again. This can take a while, or it could only take a few days. If you want to make things easier, go to a showroom to pick out a kitchen you love. The retailers can customize it to fit in your kitchen. Plan to have another way to eat while your kitchen is being renovated.

Gut the Bathroom

As with your kitchen, you might also want to replace the whole bathroom. Bathrooms can sometimes look very out of date, especially when you've just moved into your new home. If you redo the bathroom, you could make some significant changes. Perhaps you might get rid of the bath and install an extra large shower instead. You could tile the whole room and have a wet room. Maybe you might even put in a wall so that the toilet and wash facilities are in different rooms. There's a lot you can do, so discuss it with your contractor.

Lay New Floors

Before you start decorating, you might consider getting new floors. The floors can make a huge difference to the aesthetic of a home. You might have moved in somewhere that has carpets in every room, or perhaps you don't want exposed wood. You have lots of flooring options if you wish to make a change in one or more rooms. Don't feel you have to do the whole house. If you do lots of rooms, you don't have to do them all at once.

Repaint or Wallpaper

Focusing on the walls is also important. Assuming that they're in good condition, you might start right away with a new coat of paint or wallpaper. However, you might want to strip back old material first. You can do all sorts of things with your walls. Every wall in a room doesn't have to be the same. Even a single wall doesn't have to have the same color or pattern across it.


Get New Furniture

Once you've done the bare room, you can start adding in furniture. You might not have decided to buy all new furniture. However, you need to ensure it still matches the new look of the room. If it doesn't work, you don't have to get rid of everything and start again. You can find ways to make things look better. For example, you can put a new cover on a sofa or dress up a table with a tablecloth.

Add in the Finishing Touches

Your rooms aren't finished once you've got the furniture in. After that, you need to add some accessories for more depth. What you like to have in your home is up to you. But don't put in too much clutter that you'll regret later. Choose from cushions, photo frames, ornaments, and other items. Whatever speaks to you could find a place in your newly refreshed home. If you're not sure what to use, think of a theme that could help you.

Reimagining your house from top to bottom isn't something you can do in a day. But once it's finished, you'll be happy with your home's new look.

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