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Give The Gift Of Space With Mini Self...

Give The Gift Of Space With Mini Self Storage

Do you know someone who never has enough space? You probably do. It could be a neighbour, friend, or family member whose house is overtaken by stuff. Perhaps it’s your...

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En Suite Essentials You Can't Afford To Ignore

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Give The Gift Of Space With Mini Self...

Give The Gift Of Space With Mini Self Storage

Do you know someone who never has enough space? You probably do. It could be a neighbour, friend, or family member whose house is overtaken by...

The Ideal Teen Girl's Bedroom Design
08 Oct 2014

The Ideal Teen Girl's Bedroom Design

At the peak of clever design, this teen girl's bedroom is ideal for girls aged between thirteen and seventeen. When your daughter gets to a certain age, it is likely that she will want to redefine herself and redesign her room.

Finding the right decor for a teenager can be difficult. Many teens would rather choose the central features of their room than have you do it for them. Now is the time when you need to take a step back and allow your daughter the freedom of choice. Here is how to create the ideal teen girl's bedroom design.

Creating a solid theme

As you can see here, the designer has created a solid theme that runs throughout the room. The main color that he or she has used here is a deep purple. He or she has reflected that color in the carpet, storage and furnishings. It is vital that you use one color palette when designing your daughter's room. Many people make the mistake of thinking contemporary design is synonymous with colorful design. It is not. Choosing one style of color and theme will help create a mature look in the room.

Storage and cupboards

Most teen girls find that they need a lot of storage. It is now that your daughter will start having an interest in clothing, and so she will need more storage space in her room. Find a storage set, like the one here, so that all the furniture in her bedroom matches. That creates a tight decor theme that works throughout the room. Here the designer has chosen purple cupboards and wardrobes to match the room's central theme. When choosing storage items, you can have some fun. You don't need to stick to black or white storage, instead choose feature pieces to stand-out in the room. The designer has also made use of cubic wall storage here, which looks great with the modern design of the room.

Lighting and fixtures

This room is light and bright. You should make sure that your design allows a lot of light in the room. You may need to get extra fixtures to complete this look. Choose hidden light fixtures that sink into the ceiling. Doing so will give the room a contemporary vibe. Talk to electricians in Halifax to find out whether you will need to rewire your electricity to create the effect. As always, it is important that you get a professional to complete any electrical work so that you don't get hurt.

Creating a workspace

Teenagers get a lot of homework when they go to high school. It is vital that your daughter has a space where she can study in her room. Create a desk-space in her room where she can work. Here the designer has positioned the desk beneath shelving. That means that whilst your daughter is working she is facing the wall. That means her levels of concentration will be high as she will have few distractions. Make sure that you create a calm workspace for your daughter where she has space to study.

Minimal bed and furnishings

To complete the look, you need to use minimal furnishings in the room. Here, the bed is not a fancy, girly furnishing. Instead, it is minimal and simple. As your daughter grows up, she will want a more mature vibe in her room. She no longer wants the room to have a princess theme. Instead, she wants the room to reflect her new identity as a young adult. Use simple furnishings so that you can create a mature, contemporary atmosphere. Doing so will mean that your daughter feels comfortable in the home environment.

Le Trung Thanh

With the passion to write and the mission to build as a Civil Engineer, he gloriously combines both fields to open more windows for learning and doors for development. It has been her big dream to own a home with the touch of Green Architecture and the simple elegance of Modern Minimalist Interiors.


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